Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunrise Hike - 23 Sept 2007

6.30am: The two "gila climbing" guys aka Chun Hoo and Benjamin led two regulars (Lydia & Yennee) and five other unsuspecting "newbies" (Robin, Heong Lean, Seow Lean, Currene & yours truly) up Bkt. Tabur for a little "walkabout"'s how it went....

Location: Bukit Tabur, Melawati

relaxing at the "sweet spot"

taking a little breather with my best buddy, currene (jus realise she kena "conned" oredi, that it's not as easy a "walk" as she thought wuahahahah)

but it's well worth the effort...

sweet sweet ladies at the "sweet sweet spot"

benjamin taking care of the gals...

chun hoo sharing his expertise with our hiking newbie...

the final ascent (for the day)...

oh my sweet sweet sweet spot... it's well worth waking up at 6am and enduring the muscle pain later :p

smile...yennee :)

benjamin doing his splits in the air while trying to look macho (he was indeed quite...errr let's just say i'm impressed with the courage and ease he displayed while perfoming this potentially life-threatening act)

yes she made it!! i am so proud of my dear friend Currene... now we have another new convert...yay!!!

yennee taking a keen interest in photography... i am jus honoured to be her model :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Open Water Diving Snapshot 1 (12-15 Aug 06)

Open Water Diving Snapshot 2 (12-15 Aug 06)